Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to be at home when treatments are carried out?

No, as long as we have access.

How long should a treatment take to complete?

This depends on the size of your lawn, but many people are surprised at how little time it takes. This is because the equipment we use covers a wide area (sprayers 1.5m and broadcast spreaders over 2m). Although it may be quick it will be very thorough.

How important is correct mowing?

Very important!

Many lawn problems are caused by incorrect mowing such as cutting too short for the type of grass you have. This puts it under stress as does not cutting often enough.

Always mow at least once a week and never leave mowing for two or three weeks. Try to mow in different directions, up and down one week, across the next and so on. Always make sure the blade is sharp otherwise it will tear and not cut.

Please contact us with any other questions regarding types of mower and any other mowing practices.

How much will it cost?

This naturally depends on the size of your lawn, therefore we offer a free quotation service.

Why does my lawn still get moss?

Moss is part of our climate, the amount of spores differs each year.

To reduce the moss we need to remove the conditions it likes to grow in as much as possible. It needs moisture to grow in, so good drainage is a must.
It enjoys shade so creating as much light as possible is beneficial. It will grow where the grass sward is thin and weak, so healthy grass is important.

The biggest culprit in encouraging moss is the mower! Cutting too short, especially in the autumn, and scalping high points will always increase the moss content.

Regular aeration and scarification to remove and control thatch are also very important.

What size of lawns will you treat?

No lawn is too small and only the very largest (ones that need tractor drawn equipment) are too big, but ask us anyway and we will be pleased to give you a quote.

Are the treatments safe for children and pets?

We do recommend though that children and pets are kept off the lawn until the weed killer has dried.
This can take a few hours depending on weather conditions, so if they can be kept off until the next day so much the better.

If you have any concerns regarding this subject please contact us to discuss.

When will I start to see results?

It takes about 10-14 days for the fertilisers to kick in, moss control can take as little as one day, weed control can take two to three weeks depending on types of weed treated. However, steady improvement is preferred to a sudden flush of growth which only encourages thatch to develop and keeps you busy with the mower.

How often should treatment be repeated?

Each lawn is different but as a general rule the four treatments are enough to maintain the lawns condition, although in very wet years an extra moss control can be added.
Aeration and scarification are done as needed but every two years or so seems to be the norm.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We place a high priority on your privacy and will only use information collected from you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will use that information only to process your order and provide you with the best possible service. As part of our ongoing service we may contact you by e-mail or telephone to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

The information we hold is held securely in accordance with current legal requirements and consists of your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit/debit card details. In accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act passed into law 11th December, 2003.

If you have any questions or comments about privacy please contact us via our website.

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