Lawn Tips

About Lawns

As a nation we love our lawns! A properly maintained lawn not only looks great itself but also shows off the rest of the garden. But how can this be achieved? A professional lawn care company such as Grassroots Lawn Treatments will be able to provide a range of services to help – from a balanced program of fertiliser and weed control to lawn renovation.

But there are still things that need to be done by someone who is on site more frequently such as mowing, watering and also leaf clearance during the Autumn. Grassroots will be able to advise you on the best practise for your individual lawn each time they visit. But there are also some general rules laid out below

Annual Schedule…


Ensure that you do not walk or work on the grass if it is waterlogged. Make the first cut when the weather is dry. Mow at a high setting or this could lead to damaging the grass. In early to mid-spring, mow your lawn once a week increasing to twice a week, if possible, in late spring and early summer when growth is at its peak. The height of the cut should be gradually reduced to normal (never lower then 1 inch / 25mm) as you move into the summer months. If we go for more than a week with no rain, water your lawn well. If this is done regularly, the lawn will not dry out so fast in the warmer months and will remain receptive to water.


Continue to mow at the normal cutting height (1-1.5 inches or 25-35mm) once or even twice per week if possible. In dry weather a good soaking once a week is better than frequent light watering. During an extremely hot summer the grass cuttings can be left on the lawn to help retain moisture. Don’t do this too often though, or it will add to the thatch layer and increase the need to Scarify.


As we move through September and October, gradually raise the height of the cut. The objective is to leave the lawn over the Winter with a long, even sward of grass. This will help it to cope with the Winter weather and will reduce the amount of moss that can locate and grow in your lawn. Clear any leaves off the lawn as often as possible! If they are left, they will block out light and kill the grass underneath. This is a great time to Aerate and/or Scarify the lawn and also to introduce some new seed as the ground is still warm from the summer but wetter weather is usually expected.


Avoid walking on waterlogged or frozen grass. If frozen or frosty grass is walked on it break the blades and leave black footprints on your lawn. (Although they will grow through and disappear in time!)