Moss / Thatch Digester


The fight against Moss is an ongoing battle.


In our climate, moss is always causing problems!

In an ideal world, it can be controlled by removing the conditions it likes to grow in. This is done by not mowing too short, improving drainage, increasing light and removing thatch by Scarification. However, when we have a lot of rain, moss still grows.



We are pleased to introduce a new weapon!

This is an organic, slow release product that contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash plus a special bacteria (bacillus sp). This bacteria actually consumes dead material like thatch and moss. Under ideal conditions (warm and damp soil), within three to four weeks you will see the moss go brown. A short time afterwards the moss will start to disappear as the bacteria digests the thatch. As the dead material is reduced, it is replaced by grass that can now grow unhindered by the choking thatch and moss. If any bare patches do persist, you will need to apply seed. It can be applied between April-September when soil temperature is high enough.



As it is an organic product, it is not harmful to pets or children.

It will complement our normal Autumn/Winter and Spring Moss control treatments.

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