Weed and feed Programme

This is the basis of our lawn care service, it consists of four visits to your lawn per year. The products we use are safe and made up of the latest developments in lawn care technology. We offer a balanced programme using mainly a mix of slow release liquid fertilisers with a high seaweed content in many of them.

1 Spring

(Late Feb – April)

A mixture of conventional release and slow release nitrogen, along with a moss control, and an application of herbicide to tackle the broader leaved weeds.

2 Early Summer

(May – June)

Slow release liquid nitrogen mixed with a bioactive soil conditioner which increases photosynthesis and growth response. a different herbicide is used to tackle the more difficult weeds which are now more responsive.

3 Late Summer

(July – August)

Depending on prevailing weather conditions, this treatment is made up from a liquid seaweed product that is designed to help the grass to deal with any conditions that cause stress (i.e. drought). it enhances root development and improves the release of amino acids which are vital for a healthy plant. a selective use of herbicide, sometimes spot treating if weather conditions are proving difficult.

4 Autumn / Winter

(October – February)

A treatment to improve root development over winter, and also liquid iron to tackle any moss in the lawn

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