Wetting Agent

A dry Spring or a hot Summer can create a lot of brown, patchy lawns. This is called Dry Patch. Even if we have lots of rain afterwards, this will run off the dry patches (high spots, top of slopes etc) and only made a difference in the low areas that have held the water or are shadier. These lower areas not only benefit from the water itself but are also able to make use any fertiliser that has been applied. This often results in a patchwork of lush green areas, right next to dry, brown ones!
What can we do to help prevent it happening?

Things You Can Do...

Water your lawn. Once it has dried out, it takes an amazing amount of water to bring it back. The best plan is not let it dry out in the first place. From as early as March if we go for more than one week without rain, give your lawn a good soaking. This will encourage the roots to develop and grow deeper, and keep the soil receptive to water. If this is continued regularly, the ground should not dry out.

Things We Can Do...

An application of Wetting Agent every spring will maximise the effectiveness any water/rain applied. Wetting Agent breaks down the waxy surface (hydrophobic soil) and allows water to penetrate through the soil and into the rootzone where it will do some good. This is most often applied in the Spring to prevent Dry Patch, but can also be used curatively in the Autumn. Of course there is no substitute for water itself and Wetting Agent can only work with water provided either by nature or yourselves.
Please contact us if you would like to go ahead with this service or want to discuss it further.

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